My name is René but everyone calls me, Woo.

Currently, I work as a full stack product designer in the NY metro area creating digital experiences that are accessible and support increasing our human understanding of expanding diversity.

When I'm not trying to conquer the world by pixel, you'll likely find me digitally "crate digging" for music to feature on my curated music playlist (HIFI Anxiety Radio) or adding a new book to my existing large stack of reading material with the optimism that I will finish it before it has a chance to collect dust next to the others.


HIFI Anxiety Radio
(a music playlist)

The last few years have been full of emotional healing and growth for everyone worldwide. We have all been challenged with finding ways to keep maintain mental stability while navigating the constant changes occurring in society.  Through this growing process, I realize that media arts (specifically music, film, and television) have continued to act as a safe space to center thoughts and refocusing energy.

As my interest and knowledge in new media arts and sound design increase so have the number of requests for me to share music I enjoy.  If you're in search for a new resource to help you unwind after work or to get over that mid-week hump, I invite you to tune into an episode of  HiFI Anxiety Radio.

Episode 027: The Re-education of Woo

Previous Episodes:


"and in case I dont see ya... good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight."


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