woo bryant

who is woo?

Hello, my name is René but everyone knows me as Woo. I am a product designer in the NY metro area who creates digital experiences that are accessible and support increasing our understanding of expanding diversity.

When I'm not trying to conquer the world by pixel, you'll likely find me digitally "crate digging" music for the HIFI Anxiety Mixtape or purchasing a new book that I do not need and will likely collect dust on the bookshelf for many months before I do...but I'm optimistic!

HiFi Anxiety Mixtape

The last couple of years have been full of emotional healing and growth for everyone worldwide. We have all been challenged with finding ways to keep our mental health stable.  Through this growing process, I realize that media arts (specifically film, television, and music) have continued throughout my life to act as a safe space for my thoughts and refocusing energy. 

As my interest and knowledge in audio arts and design increase so have the number of request asking for me to create a playlist or learn how to DJ. Although learning how to master the art of DJ-ing is not something I have the time (or motivation) to explore at this time, a playlist I can do!!! 

If you're in search for an accessible resource to help you unwind after work or to get over that mid-week hump, tune into an episode of the HiFI Anxiety Mixtape (select an image above).

Click image to listen to Episode 011:
"An Engine of Evolution"

Click image to listen to Episode 010:
"...And what is more generous than a window?"

Click image to listen to Episode 009:
"Your girlfriend is real beautiful... do you know she's a BIRD?"

Click the thumbnail image to be connected to the Spotify playlist. Choose on your favorite device and let the selections work their magic. 

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