woo bryant

Role: Product Designer, User Interface, Visual Design

Tool Used: Adobe XD, Sketch,Adobe Illustrator

BOTOX® created a webinar and a series of testimonials to give patients the opportunity  to learn about BOTOX from an expert how and why BOTOX® could be a good option for their Spasticity.

The objective.

Given the relatively high traffic to the website, there was an opportunity to create a way for users to have an overall better experience while engaging with the patient testimonials and other site content.

So what happened, right?

In order to optimized the existing design, Product Design and UX worked closely together to determine the best option available for users to have access to all information about program webinars upfront in a way that was easy to engage and digest.

Why re-create the wheel?

Because most users engage with video content on a website before, I began researching common media players functions and style that users would be familiar.  Through a  comparison analysis, the team was able to determine what options worked best and areas that could be improved based on common user pain points.

Taking the mobile first approach, we were able to develop build a design that was user friendly and accessible while maintaining the brand identity. 

Next Steps.

After the initial launch, the team will be user testing the site to see what additional updates can increase engagement and analytics.

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